Telehandlers – 1.5T to 2.0T

AUSA offers the widest range of compact all terrain telescopic handlers in the market, which include capacities from 1.5T to 2.0T. A range of 2 models that are highly compact and have an advanced design for useful working in open spaces under very extreme conditions, as well as very narrow semi-enclosed spaces with difficult access. The versatility of the telescopic arm allows positioning at height but also to the front, which makes it the ideal equipment for handling materials on site.

Telehandlers’ mesurements and lightweight make them suitable for working in limited access areas with fragile soils so that soil erosion is minimal. Handlers have the capacity suitable for the construction, agriculture and industry for handling pallets, bales of paper, grain, manure, etc. Its four-wheel steering and the most compact measurements in its class make them indispensable in any work, industry or farm.

Technical Specifications

Specifications T 144 H Plus
Load capacity 1.350 kg
Traction 4x4
Engine 22,7 kW
Lifting height 3,90 m
Turning radius 2,98 m
Measures (wide x long x high) 1,41 x 3,71 x 1,94 m
Unladen weigth 2.400 kg



AUSA Taurulift T 144 H Plus is the lightest and most compact telehandler in the market. It is capable of handling loads up to 1,350 kg at a maximum height of 3,90 m. This machine can reach horizontally 2,2m with a 550kg load and it is the ideal equipment for professionals seeking the minimum investment and operating costs.

The T 144 H Plus is a light telehandler of just 2.4tn, well distributed between the two axles. It makes possible to work on fragile grounds or even being transported on a trailer. Rear steering wheels facilitates loading tasks with a turning radius of less than 3 m.

It is powered by a low noise and low fuel consumption 22.7kW Kubota engine. The AUSA exclusive designed hydrostatic transmission with an automatic anti-slippery system enhances the performance of the permanent 4WD transmission with a lower fuel consumption and tire wearing.

The cabin and the controls are optimized for ergonomics. The spacious and easily accessible operator’s position has been created to minimize fatigue. All controls grouped in a joystick for an intuitive operation.

The T 144 H Plus telehandler is the perfect choice for handling loads in buildings under construction, farmlands, golf courses, cellars,… It is a functional alternative to a skid steer loader with better capacity, reach and lifting height. In addition, its compact size of just 1.94m, width of 1.41m and length of 3.71m allows to be used on confined spaces.

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Technical Specifications

Specifications T 204 H
Load capacity 2.000 kg
Traction 4x4
Engine 36,5 kW
Lifting height 4,20 m
Turning radius 2,87 m
Measures (wide x long x high) 1,59 x 4,66 x 2,03 m
Unladen weigth 4.050 kg


AUSA Taurulift telehandler of 2,000kg. capacity. The most compact and maintenance cost effectiveness telehandler of its class. Designed for the load manipulation on demanding terrains and narrow spaces. Capable to elevate 2,000kg at 4,2m. It has a reach of 1.000kg at 3m with the boom horinzotally extended.

The most compact 2tn telehandler with a lateral boom and a rear counterweight that allows load/weight and load/size ratios of its category.

The T 204 H has a Kubota engine of 36,5kW combined with and hydrostatic transmission and joystick controls with an integrated inverter. This technoogy allows a smoother and intuitive handling on rough terrains and a better performance with a reduced fuel consumption. An advanced position cabin gives a 360º visibility.

Easy maintenance because of the tilting cabin for an easy access to maintenance tasks.

Outstanding rough terrain capabilities because of a permanent 4WD transmission with a limited slip differential on the front axel and a great ground clearance.

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